STiFF – An Adult Comedy Farce  ( With a handful of songs sung be a trio or quartet of females during scene changes)


Angel Delight, the illegitimate daughter of a funeral parlour director, inherits the business when her father dies. Before she can sell the business and the land (which is much more valuable) she has to continue to run the business as a funeral parlour for a further five years. Unfortunately, she knows nothing about the funeral business but a lot about prostitution.

Angel and her team of 'girls' (including an obsessive compulsive transvestite named Delilah) run an undercover massage parlour in the funeral home keeping up appearances despite the prying of disgruntled former employee Mr Robert Swipe who felt he should have inherited the business.

Suspenders, death by misadventure and unorthodox embalming techniques feature in this hilarious, quickfire comedy. Rude not crude, cheeky not vulgar - it's a modern farce with lots of great characters.


Gareth Bevan, Director, Questors Theatre, Ealing, London

"It is a very, very funny, out-and-out farce, It is not often that you read a script that makes you laugh out loud, but that's what happened with me when I first read STiFF. And it was the same for everyone else who has read it since, cast and crew alike. I have never been involved in a play where there has been so much enthusiasm even before rehearsals have started.”

We are pleased to announce our cast:


Angel           Natasha Bird
Roxanna      Sue Newstead
Delilah         Bradley Mercer
Sherry          Amanda Whiting
Crystal         Pauline Dyball
Mr Swipe     Peter Kirkpatrick
Mrs Beeton Lyn Waterfield
Solicitor       David Clark