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Seasonal Greetings to all our members and supporters                                                                                                                                 3rd December 2020


As we find ourselves coming out of a second national lockdown, and we re-think and re-schedule our future planned productions yet again, we try to give you a glimpse of what is happening in the world of Gorleston Theatre Company right now.

Like any other small business operating through this global pandemic, there are things that we need to do in order to keep the Club running – bills to be paid, plans to be made, schedules to be changed. The Committee continues to meet once a month (by Zoom), to touch base and to adapt our plans continuously according to the tide of the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

The Pavilion Theatre – our “home” in normal times – is, of necessity, closed at the time of writing. The Proprietors and Honorary Patrons of GTC, Kevin Lynch and Stuart Malkovitch, have put in place  all the Covid-safe improvements and routines required by law, and more besides, to ensure that their performers and audiences are as safe as can be, and to enable the theatre to get up and running at a moment’s notice. We keep our fingers crossed that their significant efforts will pay off, and that we will see The Pavilion Theatre buzzing with activity again very soon.

While Tier 2 does allow theatres to be open with appropriate social distancing, it is our understanding that this applies only to the professional theatre because it is a place of work for those involved. Amateur productions are still on hold and therefore it is clear that, for the immediate future, we will be unable to stage any kind of production, and certainly not anything involving a lot of people on-stage and/or back-stage. However, we would dearly love to be ready with something when the time does come, so we are looking at (and juggling with) all sorts of options involving one or more small groups, and all the combinations and permutations we can envisage. If you have any ideas, do let us know. We cannot make promises, but we would love to hear from you.

Sadly we have nothing more concrete to report to you right now, but we will keep in touch and let you know as soon as that changes.

With good wishes from GTC Committee

Jeannie Kinkaid, Terry Wing, Maureen Rogers, Sue Newstead, Andrea Whiting, Lyn Waterfield, Laraine Gooch, Frankie Browne, Jackie Webster, Tracy Crozier

from the GTC archives...

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Set A Act I 00110.jpg
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Set A Act II 00185.jpg
GTC Archive 00242.jpg
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GTC Archive 00044b.jpg
Set B Act I 00039.jpg
Set B Act II 00197.jpg
GTC Archive 0000404.jpg
Set A Act I 00109.jpg
GTC Archive 00b82.jpg
GTC Archive 00b28.jpg
Set B Act I 00077.jpg
GTC Archive 002bk.jpg
GTC Archive 002k6.jpg
Set B Act II 00223.jpg
GTC Archive 00279.jpg
GTC Archive 00298.jpg
GTC Archive 002b9.jpg
Set B Act I 00004.jpg
Set B Act II 00226.jpg
Set A Act II 00190.jpg
GTC Archive 00404b.jpg
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GTC Archive 002044.jpg

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