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To Our GTC family,

firstly we would like to apologise for not communicating with you all for sometime but up until now there has not been any change to the situation concerning our production of My Fair Lady and future productions. We have recently be in consultation with our production team and we have jointly come to the decision that we cannot go ahead with My Fair Lady in November 2020 due to the continuing risks associated with COVID-19. The Pavilion Theatre dates for 2021 in January and April are unfortunately not convenient for the production team and October 2021 is too far ahead to commit anybody to. Also many theatres are closed for the remainder of 2020 and nobody can predict what will be happening to theatres in the immediate future.


Therefore, with great disappointment we have decided to cancel My Fair Lady completely.


Hopefully, there may be an opportunity to revive our production in the future. As do our production team, we fully appreciate the hard work that everybody had put in to get the production where it was. We sincerely hope you will understand the difficult decision and the reasons why we have taken it. We would like to thank all involved for their time in making the production what it was and we are disappointed that the audiences didn’t get to appreciate all your hard work.


Please contact the Gorleston Pavilion box office regarding ticket refunds understanding that lots of theatre companies and groups alike will be in the same position. The box office are working tirelessly to ensure that refunds and booking changes are being sorted as promptly as possible. Future productions- We will be in touch in the future regarding further productions as and when the government guidance states that it is safe to do so. Please rest assured that the committee are busy behind the scenes to ensure that we have a great programme of productions in the pipeline for when we can return to the stage. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time. Keep safe and keep in touch.


All our very best, The Gorleston Theatre Company Committee

from the GTC archives...

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Set A Act I 00110.jpg
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Set A Act II 00185.jpg
GTC Archive 00242.jpg
GTC Archive 00048b.jpg
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GTC Archive 00044b.jpg
Set B Act I 00039.jpg
Set B Act II 00197.jpg
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Set A Act I 00109.jpg
GTC Archive 00b82.jpg
GTC Archive 00b28.jpg
Set B Act I 00077.jpg
GTC Archive 002bk.jpg
GTC Archive 002k6.jpg
Set B Act II 00223.jpg
GTC Archive 00279.jpg
GTC Archive 00298.jpg
GTC Archive 002b9.jpg
Set B Act I 00004.jpg
Set B Act II 00226.jpg
Set A Act II 00190.jpg
GTC Archive 00404b.jpg
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GTC Archive 002044.jpg

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